Forthcoming Papers

1. Bounds and estimates on convex inequalities

Authors: Nicusor Minculete, Aurelia Florea, Shigeru Furuichi download

2. Some fixed point theorems of $(f, \varphi)$-fuzzy contractions in fuzzy metric spaces

Authors: Muzeyyen Sangurlu Sezen, Duran Turkoglu download

3. Stancu variant of $(p, q)$-Szasz-Mirakyan operators

Authors: Ankita R. Devdhara, Vishnu Narayan Mishra download

4. On eigenvalues of a boundary value problem with a retarded argument

Authors: Fatma Ayca Cetinkaya, Khanlar R. Mamedov download

5. A study on the k-generalizations of some known functions and fractional operators

Authors: Ismail Onur Kiymaz, Aysegul Cetinkaya, Praveen Agarwal download

6. Majorization in information theory

Authors: Naveed Latif, Dilda Pecaric, Josip Pecaric download

7. On $\lamda$-statistical convergence of order $\alpha$ in probability

Authors: Mahmut Isik, Kubra Elif Akbas download

8. Some Hermite-Hadamard type integral inequalities for harmonically $(p,(s, m))$-convex functions

Authors: Imran Abbas Baloch, Imdat Iscan download

9. On multidimensional Fredholm integral equations of the first kind

Author: Ahmet Alturk download

10. Symmetry identities for the 2-variable unified Apostol-type polynomials

Authors: Burak Kurt, Secil Bilgic download

11. New Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities via fractional integrals using $(s,m)$-convexity

Authors: Shahid Qaisar, Sabir Hussain download

12. Ostrowski type inequalities by using generalized quadratic Kernel

Authors: Waseem Ghazi Alshanti, Ather Qayyum,Mohammed Abdul Majid download

13. Generalization of the best proximity point

Authors: Rahmatollah Lashkaripour, Javad Hamzehnejadi download