Forthcoming Papers

1. Extensions of Jensen's discrete inequality with ordered variables to half and partially convex functions

Author: Vasile Cirtoaje download

2. Combinatorial inequalities and sums involving Bernstein polynomials and basis functions

Author: Yilmaz Simsek download

3. Trapezoid and Mid-Point Type Inequalities Related to $\eta$-Convex Functions

Authors: Armin Hadjian and Mohsen Rostamian Delavar download

4. Different type integral inequalities for generalized $ (1, m, \phi)$-preinvex functions via fractional integrals

Authors: Artion Kashuri and Rozana Liko download

5. Coupled coincidence point theorems for generalized nonlinear contraction in ordered cone metric spaces related with Nash equilibrium of two persons game

Authors: Plern Saipara, Poom Kumam download